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  1. While I liked Pet, a few things got me wondering:
    -If she was such a cunning and smart killer why couldn't she fight him off at the bar herself? A killer like her would no doubt carry more than just pepper spray.
    -Being such a killer how could she have let herself be kidnaped, especially when she heard something that she thought was her roommate (which she knew was just imaginary)? Knowing it couldn't possibly be her roommate, as she was aware that her roommate was only in her head, she should have known it was an intruder. She would have remembered that she didn't leave the window open. As the audience, we assume that it was her (nonexistent) roommate that left the window open, and she simply closed it. That would have been a dead giveaway to her that someone broke into her home and she would have been on guard.
    -If I were captured and a lone security guard found me and I knew it would take him a long time to free me. My first instinct would be to tell them to call the police.
    -I thought she was sharpening that chain link to use as a weapon or to break it. But she was just marking the day, right? But why show her doing it so often, it didn't add to the story nor did it follow through to an important plot point. I guess it was to simply show the viewer how many days she was there. But it was always very zoomed in and we couldn't see all the marks anyway. I just think it was pointless to show that as it led nowhere.
    -If she knew she lost her diary, and that he was likely reading it, why didn't she go in hiding anticipating being arrested as the diary confessed to multiple murders. While her answer to that was that she is a writer and could say they were just made up stories, he knew they were real murders and could easily convince the police as they would have actual records of the real deaths. The cops would realize the murders were committed by her and detain her. But yet she was completely unbothered by this highly likely possibility.
    -If he knew she was so dangerous, why didn't he pack heat, or a taser, or a better knife? All he had was that tranquilizer and a little pocket knife.
    -How did she get him out of there alive without anyone knowing? I'm sure they hired a new nighttime security guard. Plus all the cameras and locked doors.


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