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It’s time to watch a great movie! Call your friends for a movie evening, full of fun and exciting assignments!
Become the manager of your own cinema! Sell ​​tickets and popcorn, help viewers find their places … You still have so much interesting! Ts-c-s-c! You can find noisy spectators who prevent others from watching movies ?! Now you can pacify them!
What could be better than going to the movies? Of course, managing your own cinema! Help visitors to find their places, prepare delicious snacks (for example, popcorn and soda) – in general, whether it is a full-fledged master! You can even create your own poster design for movies: come up with the name of the movie, choose the theme and dress the kids! Take part in the contest for the best poster and vote for your favorite posters! I wonder how this movie night will end? Buy a ticket and find out;)
– Dress actors, choose from hundreds of stylish outfits!
– Help children find their places and the right cinema!
– Prepare and serve appetizing snacks, such as popcorn and soda!
– Create your own poster for the film – choose the theme and the title of the film!
– Take part in the competition for the best poster. Can your poster take first place?
– Spark a flashlight at noisy spectators – you have to be quiet in the cinema!
– Help viewers find their lost things – they are stored in the Lost and Found Table!
– At the Ticket Office, you have to allocate seats and give tickets to visitors!
– Fix the broken projector with the real tools of the worker!

Baby Care Game – Make Popcorn in The Cinema | Kids Movie Games for Children | Android App: https://youtu.be/Z6r0Fz_4pg8